Good vs Bad Makeup Jobs

Reading the write-up that was practically about my journey into becoming a certified makeup artist made me reminisce about those days when I couldn’t even distinguish a good makeup job from a bad one! Of course there are really obvious bad makeup jobs when the face turns out to look scarier instead of becoming more beautiful after a makeover. But how can you really tell if the makeup application is still bad when the model, admittedly, looks slightly better after the makeover process?

If you’ve read the article, you’d know by now that when I was just starting to learn how to apply makeup professionally, I would get my yayas as my models. Note that at that time, I already knew the basics of makeup application. So after each makeover, my yayas and their friends would rave about the photos and how lovely they looked in the “after” pictures! Even my own friends would compliment my works! Funny because NOW that I have gained more experience in makeup artistry, I look at those pictures and CRINGE! I did such a bad job but some people still thought it was good work. (But come to think of it, maybe they were just being nice to me?! ha!) Anyway, the point of this post is to help you spot if the makeup artist did a really good job in applying your makeup or not.

And to help you visualize what I am talking about, here are the makeover photos of my Yaya Arlene back when I was just a makeup novice:

Boy was I proud of this one back then! But you see, this is, sadly, a horrible makeup job. And here are the reasons why:

Here’s another one of our yaya of 10 years, Ate Loreta

Another terrible makeup application 😦

This is a funny one with our Yaya Mards. Slightly better than the other two but still very amateurish because I didn’t blend the eyeshadow colors well and I put too much gloss when her lips are full already!

How to spot if your makeup is good or not:

1)EVEN SKIN TONE EVEN WITH FLASH. Take a photo of yourself with the flash on. You should NOT see white dust under your eyes. Your neck should be the same color as your face.

2) NO WHITE GAPS. There should be no white gaps in between the brows. But make sure too that the brows do not look like they were tattooed or heavily drawn. No white gaps for eyeliners as well!

3) PRODUCTS ARE BLENDED WELL. If you look like you were slapped on both cheeks a hundred times over, this means that your blush isn’t blended well. Sometimes, artists contour your nose bridges and jaw lines but make sure they do not leave apparent straight lines or heavy marks on these areas. If you are doing your own makeup, don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!

So now I’ll leave you with makeover photos of my DEAR FRIENDS wherein my makeup application was obviously way better. 😉

Cheers to self-discovery and self-improvement,



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Dens Congco is the Chief Makeup Artist of The Makeup Den (TMD). TMD specializes in hair and makeup services for events such as weddings, deb
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5 Responses to Good vs Bad Makeup Jobs

  1. Linn says:

    Yes you are a great makeup artist and I’m going to tell you why.. Being an artist (painter) myself I can easily identify an ugly vs beautiful makeup job. You did a nice job because you accentuated each one of these beautiful girl’s features and highlighted them. This is the sign of a (true) makeup artist. A bad makeup artist plays down the nice features on a face.. and highlights the imperfections. Now to my personal experience with a bad makeup job. I have some features about my face that I like (high cheekbones, and almond eyes although I think they are too close set) I had some bad pimples at the time with blemishes, and the other things I don’t like about my face are the fact my eyes are close set and I have fatty chipmunk cheeks. Well to make a long story short.. When the girl had me sit there for over an hour and a half while she talked with other customers while having my face bare with acne with cute guys walking by.. she ended up doing this to my face… making my eyes look freakishly close together and extremely short and rounded.. completely hid my cheekbones and put the blush so low it looked like a blowfish.. and caked matte makeup all over my face in an orange shade that made my pimples stick out like mountains. Then to top it off she put bright lipstick on that was drawn on crooked.. needless to say I thought the ‘artist’ was (trying) to make me look ugly not pretty.. or she just didn’t have a clue about makeup. This was a good experience for me.. because after I went home and washed the ugly all off.. I looked at my face and thought.. wow I actually look better bare faced, small eyed and covered in acne than I did with her makeup job. I then realized what separates a good artist from a horrible one. You are a very good makeup artist and I would be thrilled to have you do my makeup.

    • denswithme says:

      Thanks so much! 🙂

    • denswithme says:

      it thrilled me when you said that you were an artist yourself! i treat makeup as an art form, too! i study the interplay of light and shadow on a person’s face and that’s what i let guide me as i apply makeup on each canvas/face. sorry about the bad makeup experience but glad that it taught you how to differentiate a good from a not so good makeup artist. 🙂

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